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What are Classic Sets & Volume Sets 


Lash Extensions were created for women enjoy the look of longer eyelashes. This technique started in the early 1916's and has regenerated itself over time to the modernize ways we see today. There are several types of eyelash extension techniques in today's world but "Defined by Diamonds" will offer lash extensions in the form of individual hair on hair fibers mimicked to natural human eyelashes. With the help of adhesive solution. Eyelash extensions are applied to each natural single lash.

  • Classic Sets: Eyelash extensions made of mink or silk fibers created in the form of natural eyelashes. Each extension is applied to each natural lash with the help of an adhesive solution. Each eye could contain up to 40-100+ eyelash extensions individually. [lashes should last up to 4-6 weeks. Fill-ins are a requirement to maintain the. upkeep (appearance) of lashes. Appointments should be scheduled every 2-3 week.  

  • Volume Sets: Eyelash extensions made from mink or silk fibers created in the form of natural lashes. Classic and volumes are different due to the appearance and application process. Volume lashes are applied as fans to give a dramatic appearance. Each individual lash has at least 3-8 lashes in the form of an extension attached with the help of an adhesive solution.  Each eye requires EVERY natural lash to be lashed in extensions. [Lashes should last up to 4-6weeks. Fill-ins should be Scheduled every 2-3 weeks]. 


Procedure for Lash Application 


Each lash application requires consultation for all new clients who have never had lash extensions before, [Please share with lash tech if had lash extensions applied prior and experienced bad reaction

  • The consultation should be no more than 20-30 minutes. 

  • Lash tech should examine client(s) lashes. If client has damaged lashes  or any signs of trauma to lashes which would create problems along the way. LASH TECH HAS RESERVED THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICING CLIENT.  

  • If everything looks well Tech will apply extensions(2-3) to natural lash. [it is the clients duty during the 24 hour period to notice/ observe any red flags, symptoms once lash extensions are applied. 

  • Symptoms: Itchy eyes, burning eye (consistently), swollen eyes, etc. 

  • Client and lash tech should be on the same page as far as look and pricing of service once consultation is complete. 

If lash extensions have been applied before, no consultation is needed unless Client(s) have questions and concerns and prefer consultation prior to actual appointment. 

  • Lash tech will apply protection material to all client(s) eyes before applying extensions. [during appointment time client(s) should be able to relax 2 hours minimum.]

  • Lash tech will begin process by applying lash extensions to each eye one by one until fullness is completed desired by client. 

  • Applying 40-100+ lashes to each eye with an adhesive solution lashes should last up to 4-6 weeks. 

  • Once completed lash tech should have a. mini aftercare talk with client(s). please follow for best results  


How to Take Care of My Lash Extensions

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes, picking or pulling your lash extensions.

  • Do not use an eyelash curler while wearing eyelash extensions.

  • Proper hygiene is one of the most important steps in maintaining your extensions. Please wash your lashes daily (warm water and foam soap) 

  • All products used around the eye area should be oil-free. Any oil-based product (eyeliner, eyeshadow, eye cream, medication, ointment, salve, concealer, foundation, etc.) near the eye area may break down the adhesive.

  • Use caution when applying creams and moisturizers around the eye area. Apply these products 1-2 hours before bedtime. Blot away excess moisture before closing your eyes for the night.

  • Keep lashes away from high heat (flames, BBQ’s, ovens, etc.) Lash extension tips can burn and melt.

  • Spray tanning is okay, if eyes are shielded.

  • It’s recommended to sleep on your back. A small pillow (travel, neck, etc.) may help prevent sleeping on lashes.

  • After showering, wait 5-10 minutes for your extensions to dry before brushing. Hair follicles are susceptible to breakage when wet. Brush them gently with a clean and dry mascara wand.

  • Please no mascara! It’s very hard to remove, breaks down adhesive from previous application, and interferes with the bond of the next application. Please arrive with fresh, CLEAN lashes to your appointments. Any eye/ under-eye makeup can interfere with proper bonding and may cause retention issues.

  • Avoid water-proof eye makeup. This will make cleansing the lashes very difficult and may cause extra shedding.

  • Since its totally natural for us to shed 3-5 lashes daily per eye, regular touch-up appointments every 2-3 weeks is recommended to maintain desired fullness. If you wait more than 4 weeks to get a fill, a full set will be required.

  • Certain seasons may cause allergies, or an increase in shedding and may require more frequent maintenance appointments during these periods.

  • If you have any concerns or questions about unusual symptoms, please contact us immediately or consult your physician.



Fill-ins usually require 25-35 lashes per eye. These appointments should be scheduled 2-3 weeks after full set application. 

IF CLIENT HAS MORE THAN 3 "flip-floppy" lashes per eye IT IS TIME FOR A FILL-IN appointment. 

  • "Flip-floppy" lashes will be removed at appointment the correct way. PLEASE wait for lash tech to assist, to avoid lash damage. 

  •  Note: When client(s) wait longer for fill-in the amount of lash extensions needed for replacement exceed and if 40+ lashes are needed client(s) will be charged full price. 



**Booking Appointment(s): client(s) who are booking appointments may be prompted to make a deposit payment of the appointment(s) pertaining to Lash extension application. There will be an email notifying the client(s) and lash tech in detail, the appointment requested, date, time, and the deposit amount received for appointment. Detailed in the email, will also be instructions for clients to view, read, and sign forms that are needed prior to appointment(s). It is essential that all forms are READ fully and comprehended before signing. Please note, that care instructions prior to and after appointment (s) are serious, for best results and prevention of complications.  ALL FORMS must be sent back, listed in email. PLEASE contact artist with any questions or concerns asap!

Forms Needed for my Appointment 


Intake form

after care

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