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Natural Services 

Arching: Using a razor made specifically for eyebrows. This technique is used to remove hair from the surface base of  skin. Giving visual appearance of brow to be neat and shaped. Arching will not give a precise defined look to eyebrows but it will remove unnecessary hairs. 

Threading: Using a doubled up cotton  thread to tweeze and remove hair from the root. Threading can remove sections of hair with each pass of the thread. The doubled up thread is rolled over your skin, catches the hair, and pulls the hair out entirely.

This technique originated in India and today is used all over the world primarily to remove facial hair or to shape eyebrows.  if you are a person with sensitive skin, threading hair removal is recommended.  Threading also allows for more precision with eyebrow shaping, especially if you are looking for a more natural look. 

Brow Enhancement: Using a powder and or  pencil to fill in brows in 2D form. Enhancement of brows is usually used for makeup or a slight dramatic look. For those who have missing hair gaps or need for more width added to their eyebrows, this is a great way to start. This application can be worn for 2-3 days before fading and washing is needed.


The Difference Between

Microblading & Microshading 


Microblading: Gives a 2D look creating natural hair strokes. The eyebrows are to still remain very natural but a little more fuller than the natural persons eyebrows. All gaps of hair in brow are filled in with needle and pigment ink. The artist will use a super thin and define needle to create the natural stokes of hair.


Microshading: Gives a 3D look creating a ombré light shade throughout the brow. The eyebrows are to be more enhanced than the natural persons eyebrows. All hair gaps will be filled and lightly-shaded in. The artist will use a define thin needle and or tattoo gun to create the true enhancement look.


Procedure for

Brow Tint Session: 

  • ​The artist shall begin process by (Sanitizing the treated area,) artist should have a clean viewable face.

  • Artist shall map out brows for client to see where the perfection of brows will be  enhanced. Once client agrees to mapping of brows the process will begin. 

  • Artist will apply solution to brows and allow solution to sit on brows up to 30 minutes. During this time the hairs and treated area should absorb solution tinting hairs darker to create look.



Procedure for

Microblading & Touch Ups! 

  • Client(s) will have completed the consultation that is required by artist, in order to receive treatment. OR client(s) had Microblading / Microshading prior to appointment. 

  • The technician shall begin process by (Sanitizing the treated area, applying numbing cream to area. The cream shall sit on clients brows for 30/45 minutes Artist shall map out brows for client to see where the perfection of brows will be enhanced by artist. Once client agrees to mapping of brows the procedure will begin. 

  • Artist shall check to make sure client is numb to touch around the treated area.

  • The pigment incisions that are given to skin should only cut to the superficial layers of skin. Client(s) should feel minor to no pain.

  • After strokes  have been applied to brows and well blended with natural hairs ink will be blended together and left to absorb up to 20 minutes.

  • This step allows all incisions made to skin to be fulfilled with ink if not upon first application.




• Do NOT pick, tweezer, wax, OR perform electrolysis one week before the procedure

• Do NOT tan 14 days prior to the service, or have a sunburned face

• Do NOT have any type of facial 14 days prior to the procedure

• Do NOT work out the day of the procedure

• Do NOT have Botox 21 days prior to the procedure

• Do NOT take Fish Oil or Vitamin E 7 days prior to the procedure (they are natural blood thinners)

• Do NOT wax your eyebrows 3 days prior to the procedure. In order to avoid excessive bleeding and poor color deposit: 5 days prior recommended!!!

• Do NOT drink alcohol 24 - 48 hours before your tattoo

• Do NOT consume coffee before your procedure

• Do NOT take an Aspirin or Ibuprofen for pain relief (another form of blood-thinners)


For all these listed above could have a huge or slight affect on how your skin receives the enhancement of your eyebrows.

How to Take Care of My New Eyebrows:

  • Client(s) shall avoid getting eyebrows wet, moisturized, picking, rubbing for the first 5 days to give micro-pigment area time to absorb procedure.

  • The 6th-28 days: wash the treated area two times daily and gently to avoid bacteria build up. Use antibacterial soap- avoid scrubbing and washing with force.

  • After washing the treated area- pat dry, avoid rubbing and scrubbing, especially with force. DO NOT use any products that contain acid, alcohol, or lactic. Avoid all exfoliation products from treated area.

  • Treated area dry- moisturize with after care ointment. ointment should not be noticeable when applied to area. Only ointment should be used (A&D, Vaseline)

  • If ointment is noticeable (I.e. shinny glare) too much as been applied and possibly could hinder the healing process. Too much ointment will block the pores and leave the ointment sitting on skin which will soften permanent ink to fade away from skin.

  • NEVER put ointment on damp, wet treated area

  • DO NOT apply any type of makeup or alcohol products to treated area!! AT LEAST 28 days after ALL APPOINTMENTS ARE COMPLETED!

  • If you see a spot in brow where ink was not received well, come to follow up appointment(s) or schedule another appointment.

  • Client(s) shall avoid any scratching and picking with eyebrows.

  • Avoid sleeping directly on face or rubbing treated area against anything.

  • Sleep with a clean pillow case to avoid bacteria

  • Avoid touching treated area unnecessarily

  • Client(s) shall give the application 16-21. days to heal properly.

  • After the 10th days client(s) will return for a slight touch up. Artist will evaluate healing process and if need be for any fading of ink or areas that did not receive the ink fully service will be applied again.


AFTER TOUCH UP, ALLOW SKIN 4-6 weeks to heal!



Booking Appointment(s): Following client(s) booking and deposit payment of the appointment (s) pertaining to any brow service , there will be an email notifying the client(s) and the Microblading technician in detail, the appointment requested, date and time, and the deposit amount received for appointment. Detailed in the email, will also be instructions for clients to view, read, and sign forms that are needed prior to appointment(s). It is essential that all forms are READ fully and comprehended before signing. Please note, that care instructions prior to and after appointment (s) are serious, for best results and prevention of complications.  ALL FORMS must be sent back, listed in email. PLEASE contact artist with any questions or concerns asap!

Forms Needed for Microblading and Microshading will be presented to client(s) who book appointment(s)  Forms are extremely in depth, artist needs to be present when forms are signed and dated. 

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